MSN: I need a big hug

Goose: Hey, ducky, are you ok?
Me: Oh....just the's know I need solar power...
Goose: Well, I think you need to find sunshine from your heart
Me: Wow, goose, you are so serious in this conversation...
Me: So you mean that I need to have a little sun lives in my heart?... Well, i guess the only thing lives in my body is an idiot duck...
Goose: Ha...I think you are ok now.

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  • Claire
  • This is stupid.
  • 背心
  • IKEA兒童區有賣太陽造型壁燈~就去買來掛在臥室吧!

  • I think you missed the point here...hahha

    alsatsai 於 2008/12/07 12:26 回覆

  • 背心
  • ya~我每天最常跟我兒子講的話就是--leave me along!Please~